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    Site Species Number
Baccum, Lingen Barnacle Goose 4
Rubha Ardvule, S Uist (O Hebs, Scotland) Pomarine Skua 6
Rubha Ardvule, S Uist (O Hebs, Scotland) Long-tailed Skua 1
Painswick Beacon (Gloucs, England) Lesser Black-backed Gull 76
Painswick Beacon (Gloucs, England) Herring Gull 53
Whitburn (Co. Durham, England) Roseate Tern 2
Baccum, Lingen Turtle Dove 3
Painswick Beacon (Gloucs, England) Swift 103
Dead Sea Valley Nightingale 1
Painswick Beacon (Gloucs, England) Hawfinch 1