Documents - Harden, Penistone (S Yorks, England)

Flight calls of crossbills migrating over a southern Pennine watchpoint in autumn 2019.

English, 7 pages, 402 kB
Harden, Penistone (S Yorks, England) - United Kingdom
2020 - D.H. Pennington
Flight calls of migrating crossbills were recorded as they passed over Harden, a moorland watchpoint in the south Pennines of England, in autumn 2019. Four call types matching the classification of Martin et al. (2019) were recorded: N4, N6, N8 and N11. Two individual call-types could not be identified. The number of crossbills passing over the site in 2019 (only 14) was lower than in previous years, but the diversity of call types was higher.


Notes on visible migration and sound recording

English, 4 pages, 616 kB
Harden, Penistone (S Yorks, England) - United Kingdom
2019 - Dave Pennington
Notes on sound recording equipment and methods used at an upland visible migration watch point in the UK.