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Ternate, Varese (nocturnal flight calls)


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11 March 2020

Observation hours

1,597:09 observation hours, 3 year

lat: 45.79563, lng: 8.69294


First ever night migration monitoring station in Italy.
The site (my backyard) is located on a little hill between the Lake of Varese and Lake Maggiore, in northern Italy. It's a little hamlet (called Pacit) of the bigger village Ternate, in the province of Varese - Lombardy.
I started to record nocturnal birds migration during 2016, thanks to a Wildlife Acoustics songmeter SM1 (the first release) lended to me by the Insubric Ornithological Group (G.I.O). About 50 species have been recorded during these 2 years.


45°47'44.3"N 8°41'34.7"E
45.795629, 8.692967


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