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3 April 2020

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2,046:41 observation hours, 30 year


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lat: 42.55914, lng: 27.48828


Counts at this site have started in 1979. The site, close to the border of the Black Sea, is famous for it's migrating pelicans, storks and Lesser Spotted Eagle. In recent years visiting foreign birders counted spectacular numbers of Bee-Eaters, Spanish Sarrows and Barn Swallow.


The migration site is situated to the north of Bourgas (WSW of Sarafovo) close to the Lake Atanasovsko.


It is not really easy tot find the counting place. Leave the 'highway' (road Nr.9) app. 2.8 kms SW of the airport, drive the smalll road to the north (see map, a road parallel to road Nr.906). At the end of this small raod you will see a barrier next to a small house. Park in front of the barrier at the left (west-)site of the road, walk 200 meters to the north and climbe on the dike.


The migration on Bourgas can be very, very spectacular....!! At this moment (15 September 2017) Bourgas has records for the of (for example): Black Stork (2247 on 21 September 2015), White Stork (58.126 on 26 August 2003), Great White Pelican (12.000 on 11 September 1996), Dalmatian Pelican (263 on 27 October 1980), Lesser Spotted Eagle (19.418 on 24 September 2014!), Marsh Sandpiper (25 on 13 September 2015), European Bee-eater (6039 on 15 September 2017), Spanish Sparrow (4145 on 21 September 2015) and Red-throated Pipit (131 on 21 September 2015). Bourgas most probably has a world records (!!) for Red-footed Falcon (10.517 on 27 September 2017) and Barn Swallow Bourgas (159.392 on 19 September 2015 with for example an impressive 22.400 swallows between 14:00-14:10 hours)!