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Redoute de Lindus, Pyrénées-Atlantiques (64)


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23 October 2020

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2,734:35 observation hours, 3 year

lat: 43.02978, lng: -1.36


30 km south of Saint-Pied-de-Port, the Napoleonic fortifications of la Redoute de Lindux are perched 1221 metres above sea level, only a few kilometres from the famous Roncevaux / Ibaneta Pass were Charlemagne's army was defeated in 778. After the sack of Pamplona / Irunea, his army was ambushed by the Vascones. Roland was defeated here. According to the "Song of Roland", the Franks fought valiantly, but in the end they were killed to the man. Roland blew his olifant horn so that Charlemagne would return and avenge them. His temples burst from the force required, and he died soon afterward. He died facing the enemy's land, and his soul was escorted to heaven by saints and angels.

The 360 degrees panorama opens on a superb scenery. To the north, you can see Lower Navarre with the valleys of Aldudes and the peaks of Auza and Adartza. To the south, the plains of Burguete / Auritz open the way towards Navarre and Pamplona / Irunea. This is typical sylvopastoral land. In the heart of Haira forest, you may encounter black-headed Manech (Basco - Bearnaise sheep), as well as Red Deer or Row Deer. Old Beech trees have their trunks deformed by the strong southerly wind carry Tinder Fungi (Fomes fomentarius), used in ancient times to start fire. This is the haunt of White-backed Woodpeckers. During autumn, large flocks of Citril Finches perch on the fences. This is the Basque Amazon. An average of 2000 litres of water per square metre easily explains the luxurious vegetation.

This is truly an exceptional migration site. Birds can be watched in ideal conditions, both at close range and in perfect light conditions. The site, once a tranquil wilderness has unfortunately been mutilated by omnipresent hunting spreading its lethal arrogance. Shooting posts, cartridges, empty bottles... and over a 1000 gun shots per hour are spoiling the quietness and the beauty. Woodpigeons, thrushes and Skylarks are massacred and even protected species are regularly shot.